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Pull Arm Type Multifunctional Material Transport Vehicle

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Model overview:

The pull-arm multifunctional material transport vehicle is a multifunctional transport vehicle designed and developed based on the introduction of the German PAUS company "Minca18S" and combined with the actual design and development of non-coal mine production.

This model is based on the Minca3A general-purpose chassis and is equipped with a pull arm hook with foreign advanced technology, so that the vehicle not only has the function of cargo self-unloading, but also has the function of automatic loading and unloading of the cargo box, realizing "one car with multiple functions". Time-saving, labor-saving, convenient, and multi-functional advantages!


Main feature:

1. High-strength integral frame, ROPS/FOPS cab, small overall size of the vehicle.

2. Flexible suspension: coil spring + damper + A frame structure, the vehicle is comfortable.

3. Fully enclosed cab, equipped with air-conditioning.

4. The main core components are all internationally renowned brands with stable and reliable quality.

5. Hydraulic mechanical transmission, four-wheel drive.

6. The ground clearance is large, the minimum ground clearance is 260mm.

7. The hydraulic dual-circuit brake system is stable and reliable.

8. The adjustable steering wheel can adjust its height and tilt angle to improve driving comfort.

9. Equipped with electric wiper, reversing image, reversing radar device.

10. At the same time, it has the functions of automatic loading and unloading of cargo boxes and self-unloading of goods, which can realize two working conditions of loading and unloading operations and self-unloading operations;

11. A main vehicle can be equipped with multiple boxes at the same time, and can transport multiple kinds of goods. It can be transported circularly, which saves the time of waiting for loading and unloading.


The main parameters:

Whole vehicle Project Parameter
Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 5796×2060×2268 (material truck)
5785×2060×2645 (tank truck)
5755×2060×2658 (gunpowder truck)
Carriage box (length × width × height) (mm) 3140×1960×865
Oil tank size (mm) 2850×1800×1000
Gunpowder compartment (length × width × height) (mm) 2250×1960×1300 (internal dimensions of the carriage)
Machine weight (no load) 6900kg
Rated load 3000kg (feeder truck)
3.5m 3 (tank truck)
4m 3 (gunpowder truck)
Wheelbase 3200mm
Wheelbase 1675mm
Largest traction 51.7KN
Minimum ground clearance 260mm
Minimum passing capacity radius Inner diameter: 4,400mm/outer diameter: 7,200mm
Gradeability Longitudinal 14°
No-load running speed 7km/h(1st gear)/15km/h(2nd gear)/30km/h(3rd gear)
Full load operating speed 7km/h(1st gear)/12km/h(2nd gear)/28km/h(3rd gear)
Drive type Four-wheel drive
Braking type Working brake Dual-circuit hydraulic brake wet multi-disc brake
Parking/emergency braking Spring brake, hydraulic release
Diesel engine Model 1104D-E44T
Rated power 74.5 kW / 2,200 r / min
Gearbox Model/manufacturer T20000 / DAY
Axle Model/manufacturer Before 212/After 112/DANA


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